Why coaching?

I know the feeling of not being at the right place, deeply inside you can feel in your body that something is not working well for you. You find yourself re-questioning your abilities, thinking that others are better equipped than you despite the fact that you have a great experience, you still think that you are not doing the right thing or being at the right place. You then start to create limiting beliefs about yourself that have a tremendous effect on your confidence, self-esteem and energy. You start to feel bored, frustrated confused and you lose yourself in comparing yourself to others and slowly begin to diminish your value.  

If you find yourself in this situation, just know that it happens to many of us, me included and you can decide to take the decision to act differently!


My best quote from Albert Einstein:

"Don’t do the same thing and expect a different result”

If you want to gain clarity, explore new career options, develop your visibility, feel more empowered and confident in any conversation you have, clarify your next career move or simply develop your communication and networks to design the strategy to get what you want, then keep reading!

our strategy


The first step is clarity. If you are not clear on where you want to go and what you want to do, how can you create an effective action plan? Through our proven exercises and techniques we will help you clarify and define your goals.


We help you to sharpen your communication and create a strategy to maximize your chance of success on the Swiss job market! On each step we focus on building your confidence, and ensuring you are action oriented!

our packages

Below you will find our holistic range of packages to empower you in your career. 

Clarify Your Professional Project

Understand who you are, your values, and what fuels your soul. Each and every one of us has a purpose and a mission to fulfil, what's yours?

Build Your Attractive LinkedIn

Your profile must be a strong reflection of your brand, experience and ambitions because recruiters headhunt there first!

Develop your confidence

Develop your self-promotion, confidence and competence to promote yourself. Best achievements don't speak for themselves!

Design Your Bold CV

We works with you to create an eye-catching CV that clearly shows hiring managers why they should bring you in for an interview!

Master Your Interview Skills

Mastering your interview skills and demonstrating how you will contribute to the organization's success is fundamental to land a job!

Build Your Job Search Strategy

Your strategy will include an action oriented step by step plan to tap into the visible (online) and the hidden markets (networking).

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