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Support leaders to foster a more inclusive workplace. By tapping into their emotions to humanise the way we work!

Career coaching

Promote your eve

Leadership D&I

Each D&I journey is unique, so we first take the time to understand your journey. Our signature workshop can be part of the start of your journey or complimentary to it.

This workshop enable leaders to:

  • Know themselves

  • Master inclusive leadership skills

  • Get in contact with their EVE: Emotion, Vulnerability, Empathy

  • Improve the talent attraction and retention


Shake up leaders and organisations to foster an inclusive working environment that everyone dreams of! Our goal is to inspire leaders to lead with more EVE: Empathy, Vulnerability and Emotions.


  • Understand the history of bias and its consequences in today's workplace.

  • Be aware of the 5 main gender biases and practice countermeasures to foster an inclusive environment.

Gender bias

"empathy is the most important leadership skill"


To help you open up to foster an inclusive way of working on day to day basis in your workplace and beyond!

Everything that we do is about helping individuals and organisations, it's all about humanising the way we work! The misconception of believing that showing your emotions at work makes you weak is just a dangerous assumption. It requires a lot of strength and courage to express emotions

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