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We empower

Women remain significantly underrepresented in leadership roles.  We help to empower women, men and corporations to change this dynamic!

We drive

Everyone can lose their direction, we are like your GPS helping you to quickly recalculate and redirect your career back on track.

We connect

Networking is key!  BBold helps you build a network of enterprising people who will support you in reaching your desired goals. 

be bold?

With more than 15 years of experience working in talent acquisition at some of the biggest global companies, I decided that it was my time to make a difference. I wanted to use my broad experience to help and serve women.


Therefore, I redirected my focus to better support women’s desires, understand their challenges and help them become more empowered within the workplace.  As a result of this, I co-founded BBold Sarl to pave a path for women to be bold. 


At BBold, we understand that diversity and women’s leadership are crucial topics for individuals and all organizations that want to promote inclusion and ultimately stay competitive.


We welcome you to join us, to step up, defy the odds and help us to set up a new standard!


BBold and take action...

Samra Chekroun
Samra Chekroun

- Samra Chekroun



What drives me?

Due to a major event that happened in my life at the age of 9, I quickly understood the importance for Women to be financially independent. I truly believe that work and money are 2 crucial elements for women to be able to make a conscious choice without being under the control of anything or anyone.


This freedom and independence is only possible if we feel safe and secure emotionally and financially. Therefore, I decided to take a stand to support Women in their journey. My work aims to improve women's confidence and self-promotion skills by carving out their values & strengths and equipping them to communicate & network better.


To have a better results, my approach is to work with:


Corporations: By Facilitating workshops that empower women and underrepresented group to be more visible within the workplace. My main goal is to improve the talent attraction and retention.

Women: By coaching and supporting women in their career advancement and reenforcing their confidence, developing their self-promotion skills to take the place they truly deserve.

My mindset:

Action is the antidote. So if you are ready to take action, let's do it together!


BBold’s mission is to primarily assist women who are seeking to develop their careers by utilizing self-perception, strategic thinking and self-positioning.  This leads to personal advancement and ultimately the creation of a fairer and more balanced playing field among their male colleagues.   


BBold’s vision is to create Switzerland’s first career and corporate consultancy which focuses on the promotion of woman’s leadership and development within the workplace.


BBold will donate 2% of its net profit to support causes associated with women and children who struggle daily to fulfil their basic needs.

Mission, Vision & Foundation

our team

Samra Chekroun

Samra chekroun

Co-Founder / CEO

Samra is a business professional with over a decade of experience in talent acquisition and account management, supporting both large global companies and individuals undergoing organizational change. 

She is certified in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and has a proven track record providing advice and assistance in career development. She is passionate about helping individuals and devoted to empowering people to reach their full potential.

Clint Bauld

clint bauld

Co-Founder / Board Advisor

Clint has extensive international business experience amassed whilst working in Europe for 3 major Fortune 500 companies and a number of smaller startup companies.  He holds degrees in both psychology and international relations, is an Australian citizen and has now lived and worked in Switzerland for over 15 years.

His primary role at BBold will be to strategically advise the management team.  



Marie-philippe Vanheems

Founder of ILOVEOPEX

As a mechanical engineer with 17 years of international experience in top-tier companies (Avery Dennison, Nestlé, Dentsply Sirona, Carlsberg), She helps conscious leaders to transform their businesses in a 4.0 world.  

All these years, she has been a quite “masculine” leader and realized 2 years ago the importance of inclusive leadership. Her superpower: unleashing yours. So get ready to dare and shake up your routine

Our Team

You can’t hit a moving target, get crystal clear about what you want.


-Lisa Nichols-

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