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Develop your confidence and your self-promotion skills

Until you break free from your fears and limitations, you will struggle to create the life you want. I will help you uncover and disrupt the limiting beliefs that are preventing you to get what you want. We will look at the psychological barriers in your way and shift them learn how you can move past them.

What you will get in this package:

  • 3 sessions of live and intensive coaching with me

  • Unlimited access to me via email for any questions you might have

  • Each session is designed to help you become more empowered, confident, and visible within the workplace and beyond. I work with you to boost your confidence and self-promotion skills by getting a clear understanding of your values and strengths. You will also learn to set your boundaries and say NO!

By the end of this package, you will be able to make conscious life choices without unwanted pressure from anyone or anything!

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Samra has been a tremendous help and made a real difference in my job search approach. She helped me to clarify my profile and focus on my achievements. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to communicate convincingly and taught me to value my professional experience. She gave me extremely useful advice and techniques throughout.I am deeply grateful for the invaluable career coaching support I have received, and I highly recommend Samra and the BBold team.


Intellectual Property Advisor

Samra is your coach if you are looking for compassion and expertise! Her coaching really does make a difference. Her sessions are life-changing and beyond any expectations. She is not only present and curious but has the ability to truly connect. She can pull the right tool or technique that you need that very moment. She is a mountain guide to lead you up the right path - at the pace that is most appropriate. She is without a doubt the best thing that happened to me in the last few years. She is a partner that will leave you stronger and clearer every time you meet. With no hesitation whatsoever I can recommend her. Congratulate yourself if you choose to to pair up with her. You won't regret it for one second.

Project Manager

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