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Develop Your Job Search Strategy

Get Yourself Out There

My mission here is to help you be more visible and tackle the visible and the hidden market! Yes, NETWORKING.  Whether it's online or “good-old” connecting face-to-face with people, I will help you put yourself out on the market in a way that gets you noticed!

What you will get in this package:

  • 3 sessions of live and intensive coaching with me 

  • Unlimited access to me via email for any questions you might have

  • Each session is designed to help assess your network and develop the strategy to deep, develop, and create a new meaningful connection that will help you to get what you want. You will get a concrete Relationship Action Plan and be able to say the right things, to the right people, at the right time.

By the end of this package, you will be able to shine around!

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It’s rare that you come across a level of service like Samra’s and her team's. I hired BBold for career coaching in Spring 2019 and we worked together with Samra to design a job search strategy. I was particularly impressed not only by her ability to always find the perfect words to tell my story in the most compelling way, but also by her outstanding editing services that resulted into the delivery of an extremely sharp resume that I am proud of

Samra is incredible, simply put. I found her by chance through her glowing reviews on google as I was recently married and relocated to Geneva given my husband is based here. Geneva is entirely new for me, so being both unfamiliar with the professional landscape and myself feeling a desire to shift sectors it seemed sessions with her would be helpful. Helpful is an understatement. Samra truly listens to you, encourages you to dig deep, and in the questions she asks she manages to generate a process where you intrinsically peel back the layers of murkiness to a core of utmost clarity. She is both a lovely person and exceptional at what she does. Highly recommend.

Digital Project Manager

Private Wealth Advisor

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