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Why do so many people quit their jobs?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Why do so many people quit their jobs

The great resignation in 2021 shook the world and saw millions around the world quit their jobs and it has not stopped. The workers who quit cited that they felt disrespected, there was no opportunity for advancement and were not heard when they expressed themselves.

At BBold we had the privilege to coach and interact with hundreds of professionals in their career advancement and through these interactions, we found out that the main reason why these professionals consider leaving their current roles is that they don't feel recognized and valued for the work they do. They also don't have the freedom or feel safe to express themselves freely about their experiences at work and with their leaders. This is happening because leaders are not changing the way they work to create a more inclusive workplace so everyone feels secure to express themselves.

Those who know us, know that our main mission at BBold is to humanize the way we interact and work with each other. We help professionals and leaders to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can express themselves without shame or scarcity.

Creating a safe environment for your employees is key when it comes to talent attraction and retention because companies simply cannot afford to see their top talents leave. In today's modern and competitive world, employees are expecting their leaders to lead differently, to be more empathic, and to create a safe environment where ideas can be shared without judgment and feedback is heard and considered in the workplace.

Let’s look at some data to see how quickly resignation is spreading. According to Harvard Business Review, a total of 11.5 million workers quit their jobs in the span of three months back in 2021 in the US. And for those still working, 48% of them are actively looking for new opportunities to make a change - Gallup research. What does this mean for you as a manager and your company? Well, you will need to backfill for the employees that left you and hire new talents to maintain business growth!

So here is a great article that I was reading earlier and it gives some appreciable tips and insights on how a manager/leader can bring changes to their leadership styles and how they can retain their talents and prevent them from losing talented employees.

Here are some quick tips from BBold, for you to implement in order to humanize your workplace:

  • Create a safe working environment: Where everyone can express their opinion without fear or shame.

  • Include everyone in the conversation: Make sure to value your employees' work and recognize their contributions.

  • Offer opportunities: Where employees can grow, develop their skills and advance their careers. Most people quit because of this as they don’t see any opportunity for growth.

  • Uncover and act on the Bias present in the workplace

  • Respect everyone’s identity and backgrounds

  • Lead with more empathy

  • Be a good listener

BBold offers leaders interested in empowering their teams and workplace and wants to humanize the workplace where their team feels supported to drive change. We designed an actionable and practical program that supports leaders to create the workplace that everyone is dreaming of.

Check out our program here.

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